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BEST season to add Solar

The BEST season to add Solar to your cart and check out to a Greener Tomorrow !!

Memories of cold, rainy winters past can be discouraging even for the hardiest homeowner. If you’re considering going solar, you might be wondering whether solar panels and winters are a bad combination. On the contrary, the global research data has indicated that solar shoppers can often find the lowest quotes during winter months when competition […]


JS Zarkhez Solar Tubewell Finance Khait Kay Liye Haryali

Premier Energy & JS Bank proudly present JS Zarkhez Solar Tubewell facility that enables you to ­finance Solar Tubewell for your farm, allowing you hassle free extraction of water from the ground for drip irrigation, watering the fields & livestock. JS Zarkhez Solar Tubewell Finance is a term loan facility under the SBP refi­nance scheme, […]


JS Apna Ghar Solar Panel Financing For Your Ghar!

Premier Energy & JS GharApna Solar Panel Financing offers a comprehensive solution, from financing to installation of the solar panel system, with the best services provided through our energy partners. JS GharApna Solar Panel financing offers loan of up to Rs. 2 million, at a highly subsidized mark-up rate of only 6% per annum. Upon […]