Yes you heard it right!! Now with the installation of your domestic, commercial or even industrial solar solution you can not only save on electricity bills but also earn money by selling back excess electricity to the grid. Net Metering; a well versed concept in the west has finally been implemented in Pakistan. Premier Energy is one of the pioneers to have worked with distribution companies in the successful implementation of this concept and has already commissioned a net metered system at one of the leading Apparel Manufacturing Companies at Quaid e Azam Industrial Estate Lahore.

6 Steps by NEPRA

The entire process has been segregated into 6 steps by NEPRA including installation standards, inspection by electrical inspector, license approval, procurement of bi way meter and final installation. One of the major reasons why Net Metering is not as popular as it deserves to be is the tedious process involved in it’s implementation. From rejection by electrical inspector to the procurement of the bi meter, clients face numerous issues and hence either refrain from availing this facility or have given up somewhere during the process.

As a turnkey solution provider Premier Energy offers Net Metering Services to all its domestic, commercial and industrial clients and completes all six steps on their behalf.

The financial and commercial proposal presented by Premier includes all costs and no additional fee is charged for this implementation.

The mechanism is simple, which requires a bi-directional meter or two different meters. Net metering allows the residential and commercial customers with on-grid or hybrid rooftop solar panels having a three-phase electricity connection to inject the excessive electricity into the national grid, thus offsetting some or all of the electricity which has been generated by solar panels.

On an average the entire process takes a period of 90 days or more starting from step 1 to step 6, however, since Premier has been in close collaboration with all relevant authorities and because premier ensures international standard installation (thus reducing the chances of rejection by electrical inspector), team premier can ensure the same in a period of 42 days.


The said phenomenon is ideal for all types of consumers including working couples who are out of home the entire day and most of the electricity generated by their system is wasted, commercial and industrial units that are off on weekends or Sundays. Net Metering helps every consumer take advantage of every unit of electricity produced through solar. It enables them to sell the excess of electricity back to the grid and enjoy reduced electricity bills.

All you need to do is to book a system with team premier and let the representative know that you require a net metered system. You query will automatically be forwarded to the dedicated team for Net Metering services who will then begin the documentation while the technical team proceeds with the installation.

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