Energy Sector Subsidy Shift from Renewables to Coal – Fired Power Plants – Are we living in a clean & green Pakistan?

Pakistan is one of the most ideal locations on the Planet to harness the power of sun. With a potential to generate 2.9 million megawatts of clean energy annually from solar, 340,000 megawatts from wind and 100,000 megawatts from hydro power, Pakistan can produce surplus energy throughout the year.

Witnessing an exceptionally ideal amount of sun light on World Solar Atlas & being blessed with a spectacular solar irradiance ratio of more than 5.5 KWhm2 Day, this is by the far the most optimal location for the utilization of renewable energy resources.

The green energy sources like wind and solar should be getting a key focus on the global level as they are the most viable sources of energy at affordable cost. Foreign backing for the provision of dirty energy solutions to countries in much earlier stages of their development is a barrier in the adoption of renewable energy solutions and is locking in global warming hazards. To meet an internationally agreed goal of holding rising global temperatures, coal power will need to be phased out between 2030 and 2050

Power tariffs to go considerably higher

Unfortunately, the world’s leading economies are still subsidizing coal-fired power plants hence putting climate goals at extreme risk. Despite of promising a decade ago to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, Pakistan is one of four countries which received highest amount of G20 international public finance for coal-fired power plants in 2016-17.

As part of a global community

Pakistan needs to be committed to switching to clean energy as rapidly as possible to meet climate goals. To ensure a clean and green country for our generations to come we need to subsidize renewable energy. Government should dedicate a sum of money to help domestic, commercial and industrial sector to switch to the most sustainable form of energy. Certain perks and incentives should be announced for all the sectors once they opt for renewable energy solutions at their facilities.

1.1M Grid Tied Solar Plant

Renewable Energy would bring manifold benefits to the national economy as it would reduce the cost of doing business, promote industrialization, encourage investment, create plenty of new jobs and enhance exports. Let us kick away all the myths related to Green Energy and embrace it as a bright alternative. Everyone deserves clean and safe energy to ensure energy

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