“Hey have you heard about the increased electricity prices? Oh my God! Just have a look at the WAPDA Bill”, my wife came screaming from the lounge. Panicked by the hike in energy costs, I took the bill from her hand. I was already prepared for a mini heart attack, as a friend of mine was ranting about his high electricity bills yesterday. I mustered up courage and took a deep breath, saw the bill and to my surprise our energy bill was raised by 50% as compared to my last month bill.

In the evening while we both were comfortably enjoying evening tea along with our grandchildren, we were hit by a sudden attack of load shedding. It was normal for us as we were habitual of it, while for my grandchildren it was a shock as they are born and raised in the US. While discussing the high fuel costs, maintenance of UPS and noise plus air pollution caused by the Generator, my grandson came up with an idea and said: “Dada why don’t you get yourself a Solar Solution. It will help you and Dadi to save & earn simultaneously along with constant supply of Clean, Reliable and Resilient Energy.”

His words clicked and my quest for a reliable energy solution started. I started web surfing regarding Solar Energy. I being a lay man had many questions about the working and effectiveness of the solar systems in Pakistan. After days of thorough search, I was overwhelmed to know that my homeland is blessed with an exceptionally ideal amount of sun light on World Solar Atlas & is considered to have a spectacular solar irradiance ratio of more than 5.5 KWhm2 Day. Not just this but Pakistan is one of the most ideal locations on the Planet to harness the power of sun.

International Energy Agency forecasts 115 GW of new solar this year

to high energy prices. The search didn’t ended there, I had to search for a company for reliable products and services as well. Weeks passed by and on one fine Sunday, I received a newspaper supplement by a company named “Premier Energy”. After overviewing that I came to know almost everything which I was in search of. I was excited and thrilled to learn about the new technology. Knowing that Sunday’s are OFF days I tried calling their 24/7 Helpline and to my surprise a gentleman picked my call and greeted me warmly.
After a discussion of 15 minutes I requested the young man to come over my place to share a cup of tea and visit my rooftop for project feasibility. The team was very courteous and went out of the way to facilitate me on an OFF day. I had two major concerns:

  • I was desperately looking for a reduction in my electricity unit cost.
  • I was not ready to ruin my investment, which I made on a UPS and its batteries.

A very healthy discussion was carried, after the rooftop survey the team went back with a promise to share a customized solution that will address both of my concerns.

Team Premier

The next morning the doorbell rang and “Team Premier” was there to fulfill the promise. I was happy to see the young engineers at my place. The discussion started and a Customized Net Metered Grid Tied Solution was suggested for my place. Hence saving my investment done on the UPS and not only reducing the unit price but also allowing me to sell back surplus electricity to the grid. Not only this but the equipment suggested to me was 3rd party insured and was from Tier one companies from across the globe. I called my son in the evening and asked him if the companies mentioned to me were really world leaders in solar technology or not. He giggled with joy and said “Abba, Yes these are market leaders you don’t doubt their credibility. ABB, SUNPOWER, SUNTECH & CANADIAN SOLAR are in fact the reputed brands of the west as well. The solar modules placed on my rooftop are the ones from SUNPOWER, they are ensuring high production. ”

I was relived and happy to know that the equipment suggested to me was high quality and efficient. I called the Gentleman and asked him for the project timeline, meanwhile requesting for flexible payment terms. Team Premier suggested easy payment terms and I was amazed to see the stock being delivered to my place the very next morning. The project was conducted by a highly skilled labour force comprising of well-equipped electricians and helpers. The project Engineer was kind enough to answer all my questions. In a matter of three days here I was harnessing the power of sun and illuminating my house through renewable energy. Now I was able to access my solar solution on my phone, the production for entire day was on my hand held device. I was delighted by the services, the team trained me regarding the basics of my system and took care of the system maintenance.

Within the next 60 days my net meter was installed, the mechanism was explained to me and in the next three months I was amazed to see drastic decrease in my energy bills. Oh yes!! and my wife was no more anxious about the high energy costs.

Canadian Solar raises efficiency record for mono cast cell

This is the time of the year, when my grandchildren are coming for their winter break, I am relaxed by the fact that they will have access to the most “CLEAN, RELIABLE AND RESILIENT” form of energy. It is rightly said that:


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