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A Domestic Solar System Client shares his Experience in his Own Witty Style;
Hi Everyone! I am a 62 years old retired army officer enjoying retired life in my 10 Marla residence situated in DHA Lahore. Out of frustration from unannounced power cuts and load shedding, I made the decision of switching from WAPDA to solar energy some 14 months ago. All my life I have been a keen observer of scientific phenomena, and despite being an oldie I like to keep abreast of the changing world especially in terms of technology and by technology I not only mean the fancy gadgets my grandchildren are addicted to, but I mean to refer to the investment put in by the brainy scientists into efficient and effective technologies.

I found a rather astonishing fact on the website of a Scottish Renewable Energy’s company which claimed that the insolation rate for Pakistan is 5.5kWh/m2/day, while that of Germany is 2.5 kWh/m2/day. Germany has aimed to achieve complete dependence on renewable energy by 2020, but renewable energy has less than 2% share in Pakistan’s energy mix.

When I talked to a few friends about it they simply blamed it over the Government, but to me blame game is for losers, I mean what has government got to do with you having enough sense to use your home’s rooftop intelligently and eventually lessening the burden over the national grid and resulting in energy efficiency and conservation? But no, we as a nation believe in moving in circles. I mean seriously I may sound like a grumpy man but that’s the long and short of it. We do not believe in becoming initiative takers and we always want someone to DICTATE us, so as to take action, to do THIS or do THAT. No wonder we perform better under a martial law… Anyways coming back to the point, so what made me write this article is the look on the face of one of my neighbors when I showed him my monthly electricity bill and handed over him his.

Ahhhhh so much peace for me to be hearing it from his mouth; “Brig sahab, every penny invested in this system was a great investment”. He is the same guy who, when saw the Technical Team by Premier Energy busy in the installation of my 3kw hybrid solar solution, specifically passed his sarcastic comment saying; “Brig shb! laga lia hay mehangaa UPS”…. Last time I enjoyed the same feeling was when once in my lifetime my wife said; “Birgshb you are right”. Ahhh such rare pleasures for my pair of ears.

Wait did I tell you about Premier Energy? Well in the midst of numerous solar providers, Premier Energy belongs to Premier Group UK and stands out because of their international standard equipment and exceptional round-the-clock after sales services. And boy, their team makes me want to be young again. Dynamic, lively, talented and well-versed in their job, they are a dream team to get services from.
Not to forget, quite a few times their sales and service team annoys me with the number of time they call and ask if the system is running fine. I mean they seem more worried about my system then me. Which is again a rare thing to find in Pakistan where service providers vanish like ghosts once the installation is done.

But anyways, enough of the words. Let me give you a proof of what actually happened and why my solar system is not just an expensive ups.

  • My electricity bill has decreased by 65% as compared to the pre-installation bill for the same month.
  • The uninterrupted supply of energy makes life less frustrating. I mean who, at my age, wants to suffer in hot or cold weather conditions. Oh yes I am old but not old school, I have inverter based ACs installed and they are an equal blessing in summers and in winters.
  • My wife, my kids and their kids all are happy. Yes! I mean imagine I have succeeded in making two women (my wife and my daughter) happy at the same time for the same reason!! What else could I ask God for? The microwave runs on solar, the air conditioner runs on solar, the laptop gets charged even during load shedding hours and my daughter’s hair are never a mess thanks to the smart technology low voltage hair dryer, which by the way ALSO runs on solar.
  • The system did not upset my budget. YES!! I got the turnkey solution under Premier’s exclusive discount offer for Rupees 560,000. And I am talking about the turnkey solution and only international standard equipment with internationally banked warranties.
  • Also, the company has recently introduced easy installment program in collaboration with Standard Chartered, SME Leasing and Bank of Khyber which means that solar is now affordable. I hope the people who nag about the one time huge cost will now stop all the negativity.
  • Most importantly with Premier providing net metering facility and the inverter they have installed being net metered ready, I am super excited to sell back electricity and get my bills lower than ever!

So if you are still wondering whether installing solar is a good option or not call Team Premier and get free consultation, site survey and customized proposal. The team is available at: 042-111-234-235 and the dynamic sales team at: 0322-4234235.

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