FREE ENERGY SOUNDS GOOD, BUT MAKING MONEY WITH NET METERED SOLAR SOLUTIONS SOUNDS EVEN BETTER. Are you still wondering which service provider to contact for net metering in Pakistan? Here are some of the easy go to stats required to choose your best business partner for the subject. Catch a glance of the video below and shop your one window solution.

With a total of 1852.05 KW of electricity Net-Metered to the National Grid, Premier Energy ensures smooth and reliable services throughout the net metering process. The highest amount of successful completions of net meter installations throughout the region indicates our commitment towards a greener tomorrow. 

Net Metering in Pakistan

Team Premier

We feels proud to be a part of Clean & Green Pakistan by adding a share of 14% Share in KWs Net-Metered across Pakistan. Our State of the Art installations have fulfilled prescribed requirements of Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) and other relevant Government Departments (Federal or Provincial), in compliance with the prevalent Renewable Energy Policy of the Government of Pakistan.

Net Metering in Lahore

With Successful implementation of net metered power plants in more than 33 cities of Pakistan , Premier Energy is Tremendously Succeeding in achieving 100% client satisfaction. To SAVE GENERATE AND EARN with Premier’s Net Metered Solutions, Book your net metering services today.

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