The Lungs of the planet are on FIRE !!

Environment Change

The Climate Change is REAL, The Climate Change is NOW !!

20% of the oxygen production of the planet it at stake as a result of Amazon bush-fires in last year. While 500 Million animals Reduce To Ash, 1400 houses Turn To Dust, 60,000 sq. km Burn To Ashes in New South Wales, The Record breaking Temperature across the globe is leading to severe drought, massive bush fires along with Strong Warm Winds.

Climate Change

According to World Meteorological Organization (WMO) report, 2015-2019 tenor turns out to be the warmest five-year period on record. The continuous rise in sea level, ice loss and extreme weather is a continuous threat to the residents of this plant. As a result to this The dominant disasters are storms and flooding, which have also led to highest economic losses. Heat waves and drought have led to human losses, intensification of forest fires and loss of harvest.

Care Animals

Millions of humans dead, several species heading towards extinction, flora and fauna experiencing the strident effects – calls for a climate emergency. As the climate crisis escalates. Team Premier pledges to continue to give renewable energy, global heating, wildlife extinction and pollution the urgent attention and prominence they demand.

The climate emergency should be recognized by all as this is the defining issue of our time. The problems we face on the climate crisis are systemic and that fundamental societal change is needed. Now is the time to fearlessly take a stand for future generations and for the preservation of human life on earth.

Marching towards a greener tomorrow by adopting renewable energy and green living will help us survive from the catastrophic environment. The utilization of sustainable energy sources in everyday tasks will allow us to improve the life on the planet. Let us march towards a greener tomorrow by brightening our days with solar arrays.

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