Use of Suntech Solar Panels in Pakistan

Suntech Solar

With the passage of time, the scope of renewable energy; solar energy to be precise, is expanding. From initiating a 1000 MW Quaid e Azam Solar Power Plant to providing subsidies to solar power generation companies, the Government of Pakistan is trying to promote and propagate solar energy in the country. This has led to market competitiveness in Pakistan, with a number of brands, claiming to provide best solar solutions, have appeared in the market. With meager knowledge of the dynamics of a solar system, the local customer is left at the mercy of his own decision to choose the right brand of solar power.

Suntech Solar
Suntech Solar Panels

With 100 plus solar module manufacturing companies in the market, Suntech Power is the most preferred choice of the businesses dealing in solar photovoltaic. With its branches spread across every major energy market globally, Suntech has been working in collaboration with thousands of companies in more than 80 countries across the world

What Makes Suntech Power Stand Out?

The products manufactured by Suntech Power are subjected to 52 diverse quality checks to ensure the compliance of the products with the international standards of reliability, efficiency and durability. The sample products are weekly tested according to the international IEC 61215/61730 standard. Suntech Power offers a ten-year warranty on all of its products.

Vast Network of Partnerships

With its headquarters located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province of the People’s Republic of China, Suntech has established a strong network of partnerships across Europe, America, North Africa, Australia and South East Asia. In Pakistan, Premier Energy (PvT) Ltd. is the sole supplier of Suntech Power, as Premier Energy believes in collaborating with the best brands of solar solutions available in the market and Suntech power tops the list.

High-Efficiency Performance in Weak Light

Due to the extensive R&D carried during the manufacture of products, the solar panels manufactured by Suntech Power have excellent weak light performance efficiency which makes them a popular choice for the retailers.

Suntech Solar

The innovative cell design of the modules and high transparency of the solar glass which is deployed in the manufacture of the solar modules makes it possible for the generation of an optimal amount of electric power even on a cloudy day. This feature particularly makes it a popular choice for solar companies in Pakistan as the weather of Pakistan is predisposed to fluctuations especially between the months of October to February.

Resistance to Sand Blowing

The solar modules manufactured by Suntech Power come with the very useful and practical feature of resistance to blowing sand. The modules pass the Blowing Sand Test and the results are indicative of the fact that Suntech’s solar modules can hold out against high-velocity sand and gusty conditions. Once again, this feature is particularly useful for the desert terrain of Pakistan which receives high insolation most of the year. Resistance to sand blowing makes solar panels by Suntech reliable and long-lasting.

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