Why are Canadian Solar Panels so Popular?

Canadian Solar

The growing energy crisis has forced Pakistani nation to explore newer and better avenues of power generation. Pakistan is a recipient of excellent sun cover throughout the year, but the solar energy market in Pakistan is still untapped, for most of the part.

The solar power companies working in Pakistan are in a race to expand their business in every nook and corner of Pakistan, promoting and projecting their own brand of solar solutions as the best. However, there is one brand of solar panels which is far superior to others concerning efficiency, reliability and longevity i.e. Canadian Solar. Founded in 2001 in Canada, Canadian Solar is a global manufacturing brand of solar modules. With its branches spread across 20 countries in 6 distinct continents, the products manufactured by Canadian Solar are geographically diversified, keeping in mind the distinctive climatic features of the countries where the products are supplied.

Canadian Solar is the pioneer in introducing the next generation PV module technology i.e. the Quartech four busbar cell technology. Canadian Solar’s innovative Quartech 4 busbar cell technology has taken the module efficiency to next level, promising better performance and more reliability.

Realizing the potential of solar power in Pakistan, Canadian Solar started investing in Pakistan’s market in 2012. Premier Energy is one of the primary purchasers of Canadian Solar panels and its 250 watt – 4 busbar series is proving to be very advantageous for commercial, residential and industrial solar solutions provided by Premier Energy.

Distinctiveness of Canadian Solar

What sets Canadian Solar apart from other solar module manufacturing companies is its reduced cell series resistance and better module conversion efficiency. Both these factors are significant contributors to improved energy production for a solar system that has deployed Canadian solar panels. Canadian Solar panels will give you higher energy yield, improved performance at low irradiance and exceptionally high energy yield at low NOCT.

The company’s credibility, technical and financial strength has been amplified after its recent acquisition of Recurrent Energy which is a prominent solar project developer company. Canadian Solar’s total project portfolio now amounts to 10.3 GW. Canadian Solar’s manufacturing units are located in Canada, China, and Vietnam and its suppliers are spread all across the globe. Its international presence, humungous workforce, and deployment of latest technologies speaks volumes about Canadian Solar’s credibility and expertise in the field of solar energy.

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