Why Installing Solar at my Place is by far the best decision I have made?

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It is needless to emphasize on the long term financial savings and environmental benefits associated with solar installations. Much has already been said about considering solar as the next big thing and the ideal climatic conditions that make Pakistan the hub of solar energy.

However, another positive aspect with installing solar at your place, office premises or even huge factories and industrial units is the “comfort”, “ease”& “reliability” that come as a by-product.

We often buy things that we don’t need but want in order to add to our existing level of comfort. To some they seem as a luxury but to some they are an integral part of their lifestyles.

Say for instance I know I cannot survive without my smart phone as it keeps me connected to my friends and family, helps me take my work along with me anywhere and everywhere I want, helps me stay updated with everything happening around the world but to someone who doesn’t really have a tech savvy circle of friends or who doesn’t have to check regular mails and or is not much concerned about modern technology might consider buying a smart phone as a mere expense.

I believe the same goes for solar, most of the people only see solar as an expense and not a long term beneficial investment. When I decided to install solar at my premises, most of my neighbors thought I was buying an expensive ups. I wasn’t surprised as not many of them know about the cost effectiveness, reliability and efficiency of an appropriately designed solar system. Much of the blame is to be given to the companies dealing in solar who have simply failed to communicate these tangible & intangible benefits which could do wonders for their businesses.

However, there are still names like that of Premier Energy UK that have realized how important it is to make people understand the “right use” of solar. I got to know about this company through a friend who owns an apparel manufacturing unit and had recently got Premier’s Grid-Tied System installed for one of their facilities in Multan. The thing that impressed me the most was Premier’s dedicated team that conducted the energy audit at my premises the very same day I called them up and that too free of cost. Once I booked the system with them, a senior engineer and technician gave me an orientation especially on the “right use” of the system to gain maximum benefit. The installation was completed in three days and the system was commissioned on the third day.

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