DC Solar Systems

DC Solar System – Solar DC Fan – Solar DC Product

The terrible load shedding situation has badly affected every Pakistani, but the conditions in remote areas are more awful. It’s a ruthless reality that rural areas aren’t on the priority list of the government and inhabitants of rural areas can’t hope for an immediate solution provided by the government. Premier Energy has come up with a solution named as DC solar system that works efficiently and capable of accomplishing household energy demands.

DC Systems

Premier Energy solar systems operate at a low voltage of 12V and consistently supply energy to DC appliances. The capacity of the system varies from system to system while the high storage feature let you enjoy the uninterrupted electricity even when the sun isn’t shining. The other benefits of DC solar system are as follows:

  • High technical standards and guaranteed customer’s satisfaction
  • Free from indoor air pollution and meets the international health standards
  • Gives you opportunity to increase working hours at day and night
  • Saves bills of kerosene oil and gas

DC solar systems answer to the needs of Pakistani nation and it’s not less than a blessing for those living in remote areas while the portability factor makes it useful for expeditions and camping purposes as well.

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