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LED Lighting Solutions in Pakistan – No.1 LED Lights in Pakistan 

Premier Energy offers alternative energy solutions to its customers around the world. Premier Group UK offers exceptionally well-thought and developed alternative energy solutions from its global offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Thailand, Dubai, Pakistan & China.

Premier LED is a company owned brand introduced in 2013, that provides international quality, modern, aesthetically appealing & Energy efficient LED Lighting products suitable for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial clients.

Buy LED Lights in Pakistan with Brand Warranty 

We deliver an extensive range of energy efficient LED lighting solutions to our valuable clients. Premier Energy provides long-term warranties of its LED product range. The products are durable and last for 40K   to 50k hours whereas conventional tube lights & CFLs last for 10K to 20K hours. Premier’s LED products are able to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are 95% energy efficient and minimize heat as well.

LED Lights in Pakistan

Premier LEDs are capable of working even with high voltage, which reduces the chance of any damage caused by voltage fluctuation. LEDs do not contain any mercury nor do emit any carbon gases that are harmful to environment, which makes them “eco-friendly”. Premier luminaries comprise of LED bulbs, LED Street Lights, LED Spot Lights, LED down lights, LED Candle Bulbs, LED Tube Lights, LED flood lights etc in Pakistan. For more details please visit our site. Premier LED LINK

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