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Energy Efficient LED Lighting Systems

Premier Energy’s Modern, Aesthetically Appealing and Energy Efficient LED Lighting Systems allow you to save up to 60% on your monthly electricity bill. For details log on to: Premier LED.

Premier LED

A company owned brand introduced in 2013, that provides international quality, modern, aesthetically appealing and energy efficient LED lighting products suitable For Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Units.

With a lux of 100-110 lumens per watt, these lights are an ideal replacement to the conventional florescent and tungsten lights/ energy savers and help reduce up to 60% on your monthly lighting load/bill. Ending the era of traditional lightning, PREMIER LED has brought about a revelation in Pakistan’s lightning space by providing LED lights for home, offices, industries, pharmaceutical, education & research institutes, healthcare facilities, retail spaces, transport infrastructure, road lighting and area lighting.

With energy-efficient and durable characteristics, every LED light designed by Premier LED is crafted to meet global standards and class. Premier LED products range from LED bulbs, LED Spotlights, LED light strips, LED Lamps, LED Floodlights, LED Rope lights, LED Street Lights and many more. Premier LED with its smart technology and cost-effective products hopes to shift the base of hungry conventional and CFL lighting to LED.

Using high quality LED source, pure light color, aluminum body, strong and durable materials has made Premier LED the preferred choice of users across Pakistan. Boosting imported PMMA cover, anti-UV, well-distributed lights, anti-glare and soft lighting Premier LED has got it all under one floor. Moreover the convection heating and isolated driver design, safety & reliability, ensures the long life of product. Our cost effective lighting solutions offer Payback period of as low as 180 Days.

Switch to Premier LED and Spare a watt, save a lot!!

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