On Grid Solar Solution Installed at a Medical Facility in Khaarian Gujrat

Hospitals need to constantly consume a high amount of electricity to power life-saving medical equipment and keep medical and surgical services running 24 hours a day. The overall number and the cost of solar panels that should be installed in a hospital will depend on the size of the hospital and the amount of electricity needed to power the hospitals machinery, lighting and heating. Premier Energy successfully installed the said On Grid system at a medical facility in Khaarian Gujrat. The system is equipped with Premier Energy’s Smart Box Inverter capable of Grid Mixing and Net Metering at the same time. Since the client also required a certain backup time, Premier Energy has installed Polymer Gel Batteries recommended for Solar. The said project was commissioned in a record period of 3 working days allowing Premier to maintain the record of 100% client satisfaction.

With the need for uninterrupted power supply, Premier Energy’s solar solutions are ideal for medical facilities across the country.

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