Renewable Energy – A Beam of Hope for Energy-Deprived Industries of Pakistan

Top 200 Industrialists of Pakistan declared Renewable Energy as key to Pakistan’s Industrial success at the Annual Energy Conference 2016 at Sundar Industrial Estate Lahore.

Premier Energy Pvt. Ltd in collaboration with Sundar Industrial Estate, organized a One Day Annual Energy Conference 2016 at Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore. The conference was divided into two segments and was titled as “Energy Efficiency and Good Management Practices”, aimed at providing an insight to the leading industrialists of the country regarding the Renewable Energy Resources available for obtaining Energy Efficiency and the effectiveness of these resources alongside Management Practices that can help them in improving their work environment. The conference also highlighted major misconceptions related to Renewable Energy in general and Solar Energy in particular. The presence of top 200 Industrialists of Pakistan showed that Energy Efficiency will reshape the future of Industries in Pakistan.

Ms. Haania Ali, Business Development Manager Premier Energy & Business Analyst while opening the event shared that the conference would serve as a bridge between the Renewable Energy and Industrial Sector, allowing the later to understand the concept of green energy and the cost effectiveness that can be achieved through energy efficiency by implementation of Renewable Energy Resources. Major misconceptions and ambiguities related to renewable energy in general and solar energy in particular were clarified, enabling the industrialists to make a knowledgeable decision upon any investment in renewable energy. Ms. Haania Ali further introduced the concept of Carbon Credits and Carbon Footprint Reduction which will help in the promotion of businesses directly or indirectly related to exports as the concept of Carbon Credits is quite popular internationally, adding to the CSR profile of industrial giants. The last portion of the event will focus on Good Management Practices that can help organizations to become efficient and effective in their overall operations, hence gaining a greater productivity.


Mr. Irfan Qadri from Punjab Industrial Estates welcomed the participants on behalf of the Board of Management, Sundar Industrial Estate. He appreciated the efforts of Premier Energy to revolutionize the Energy Sector of the country and marked this conference as a remarkable step ahead towards entitling the industrial sector to a cleaner, reliable and resilient energy system. He also thanked the worthy guests who graced the event with their presence and shared the Energy Efficiency practices carried out by Punjab Industrial Estate for promoting Greener Pakistan.


Ms. Nameerah Hameed, Policy Specialist of Energy Department ,Government of Punjab made her key note speech regarding current energy requirements of Pakistan and Government of Punjab’s initiatives in this regard. She emphasized the importance of renewing the share of alternate energy solutions in the country and stressed the essence of joint efforts for overcoming the energy crisis. She suggested that targets along with indicators need to be fully adapted in the Renewable Energy Sector. She ensured that government is also focusing seriously on all means of energy solutions. She hoped that this conference would bring forth some imperative goals which can be achieved by all participating stakeholders.


Engr. Zain ul Abideen , an Energy Expert from Premier Energy suggested that despite the Government’s initiatives, Pakistan is facing serious energy problems. He suggested that Grid Tied Solar Power Plants are need of hour and there is a need of energy audits to be conducted in different industries of Pakistan. Mr. Zain during his address highlighted that only 17% indigenous resources are utilized for power production while approximately 83% of power demand is met through imported oil. He further stressed upon the importance for skill development initiatives in uplifting energy production campaign.


Mr. Daniyal Siddiqui; Country Head Premier Energy introduced the concept of “Green Energy for All”. He explained how Renewable Energy has become a trend globally with multinational companies like Johnson and Johnson, Nike, Unilever and many others converting their entire operations on Renewable Energy Resources by 2020. He also briefed how Pakistan is ideal for solar in particular keeping in view the geographical location and ideal climatic conditions of the country. He also provided an insight to the negative effects of Energy Crisis on the overall Economy and the poor performance of the Industrial Sector in particular. His first session ended on a very informative documentary prepared by Premier Energy demonstrating how the company is steadfast in its mission to change the energy consumption patterns and introducing and implementing a more sustainable energy system across the country. He emphasized on solar energy as the quickest fix for solving the energy crises in Pakistan. He also referred different case studies of industries which have already benefited from Premier Energy’s customized Grid Tied Solar Power Plant in Pakistan.


Mr. Kamran Rizvi, a renowned trainer and motivational speaker was invited next to discuss “Good Management Practices” that can help organizations become efficient and effective not only in terms of energy conservation and independence but also in terms of their overall operations for boosting productivity. His interactive session helped the audience to understand the best combination of management practices.


A portion of the conference was dedicated for introducing the concept of Carbon Credits and Carbon Footprint Reduction. This was aimed at helping in the promotion of businesses directly or indirectly related to exports as the concept of Carbon Credits is quite popular internationally and adds to the CSR Profile of the Industrial Giants. Dr. Amjad Hussain; Former Head CDM Cell, Ministry of Climate Change/ Climate Change Consultant, briefed the audience about Carbon Credits and working mechanism in Pakistan.

During the panel discussion, renowned Industrialists including Mr. Shiekh Afzaal, Chairman Alhamd Corporation & Rizwan Saeed, General Manager of Guard Group shared their experience on the cost reduction and energy efficiency achieved by installing Premier Energy’s Grid- Tied Solar Power Plant.
The Conference highlighted how Pakistan; our homeland is ideal for solar in particular

keeping in view the geographical location and ideal climatic conditions of the country. With this conference, Premier Energy Pvt. Ltd is aiming to develop an understanding amongst the industrialists, commercial unit owners and even residential clients regarding the most sustainable source of energy; Solar Energy.

The closing remarks from Mr. Shokat Mobarik; CEO Premier Group UK presented a bigger picture, with Solar and LED lighting being the Future of Energy and an effective resource to fight the prevailing energy crisis. This was followed by the Souvenir Distribution Ceremony and a lavish lunch.

The conference was attended by a total of 500 plus eminent industrialists, educationists, policy makers, environmentalists and business tycoons and shall be marked as a major step in promoting the use of Renewable Energy Resources in Pakistan.