Renewable Energy in Pakistan

Premier Energy a part of Premier Group UK is an alternative energy solutions providing company with a vast network spread across United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Dubai and Pakistan and headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland UK. With solar energy, LED lighting, wind energy and bio-gas as the areas of expertise; Premier Energy provides international standard energy solutions to corporate and domestic clients in Europe as well as in Pakistan.

During the last few years, the abrupt increase in the population of the world has diverted the attention of people towards the use of renewable energy. The presence of coal, sunlight, and valuable river system enable Pakistan to use its renewable energy resources to solve the critical issue insufficient electricity.

Solar Company in Pakistan

Pakistan is facing terrible energy crisis and the survey reports assert that the demand is rising 8% annually. The geological position of Pakistan enables it to use renewable sources like solar and wind and luckily we are in a position to utilize these resources to save our industry from getting paralyzed.

Summer season is the longest season of Pakistan where scorching sunlight seems to drain every single drop of water from the body of every living creature and people suffer the trouble of load shedding. With the help of solar energy, this suffering can be converted into blessing as solar energy is a great, free, and natural energy resource in Pakistan. 20% more energy can be generated to accomplish the need of entire country even if solar panels are installed only in 0.25% area of Balochistan. Above of all, the resource is absolutely environment friendly and poses no threat to human life as well.

Premier Energy is playing its active role in the positive use of renewable energy in Pakistan and importing high-quality solar products from internationally recognized solar companies. To reduce the sufferings of Pakistani nation and overcome the issue of load shedding in actual meanings, Premier Energy has set economic prices of its products which enables everyone to purchase them and get a relief in the domestic and official life.

Solar Panel

We provide efficient and cost-effective solar panels. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline, both types are available for the customers. To keep the high standard of the products, only those solar panels are imported which give best performance and received encouraging feedback.

Solar Inverters

Premier Energy offers reliable solar inverters which ensure the proper working of the solar system and help in generating maximum usable electricity by converting AC power into DC power. You can buy  string inverters, central inverters, and micro inverters from us. All types are capable of integrating with their respective solar systems while the high performance is guaranteed.

Solar UPS

Premier Energy has 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, and 5kVA solar UPS in the reasonable prices. You can use conventional UPS for solar systems that is the best and resource efficient way. Our solar UPS are long lasting and give you more comfort than you have ever imagined.

Solar Batteries

Premier Energy is well aware of the fact that the proficiency of a solar system depends on the performance of the battery. The expected results can only be gained when your battery is efficient enough to store the utmost charge and utilize it in a proper way. To accomplish the needs of all users and to ensure the compatibility with all types of solar panels, Premier Energy has included four major types of batteries in its inventory. Flooded lead acid, sealed batteries, deep cycle batteries, and absorbed glass matt available which received international recognition and appreciation.

Solar Charge Controller

Solar charge controller is necessary for the safety of the solar system as it controls the battery from getting overcharged. There are different types of solar charge controllers are available in the market, but the Premier Energy has made enlisted only PWM, MPPT, and 2 stage controller as they are extremely compatible with the climatic conditions and the batteries available in Pakistan.

Solar energy is one of the best type of renewable energy resource in Pakistan. The significance of solar energy gets higher when you consider the environmental conditions of Pakistan and financial position of the people. Premier Energy is efficiently playing its part with the spirit of national interest for providing the affordable electricity, manufacturing, and importing the high-quality solar products.

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