Solar Batteries


Only efficient and effective dry batteries in Pakistan can guarantee the satisfactory performance of the solar system. Premier Energy has high standards for solar batteries. A battery can only become a part of our inventory when it’s capable of meeting the requirements of unstable grid energy and effectively endures heavy cycles during the testing process. Additionally, we consider the economic condition of Pakistani customers and strive to provide the best possible solution to the victims of energy crisis. Environmental conditions and abrupt climatic changes during the summer season are the main factors which we consider before introducing dry batteries in Pakistan.

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Types of Solar Batteries We Offer

We offer three different types of solar batteries which successfully meet the weather conditions of Pakistani environment. Read the features to decide the best option for your solar system.

Premier Energy is offering state of the art dry batteries in Pakistan from the following two brands:

  1. Outdo

Outdo facilitates with deep cycle gel battery. These batteries are readily available in different capacities. Designed with consideration for the environment, the battery is eco-friendly ensuring that there is no negative impact on the environment it is surrounded by. Being a quality product, the battery is well insulated, manufactured with flame retardant externals, better sealing, and perfect contacts for high conductive performance, heat-resistant and non-leaking so you don’t have to worry about leakages or spillages. These are one of the finest dry batteries in Pakistan.

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  1. Narada

Narada’s Polymer gel batteries ensure Deep cycle which is ideal for small homes and apartments. These are useful for the areas where load shedding has a schedule as they can easily generate electricity for small time interval due frequent charge and discharge cycles daily. Narada provides a high charge storing capacity and its performance is better than the traditional solar batteries.

The MPG range VRLA batteries adopt flat plates with gel electrolyte and are designed with front terminal structure. The perfect design ensures MPG series battery the high reliability and makes the installation quite simple and safe when placed on a standard relay rack tray or in a closed cabinet. MPG range VRLA battery is designed with high energy density and suitable for 19″, 23″ rack or cabinet, and also offers options of top connection and side of monoblocs connection. MPG range battery can be equipped with central gas collection system according to the requirement of customer. The design float life is 12 years at 25o C (77o F). These eminent features makes Narada the best choice for dry batteries in Pakistan

Premier Energy advises its customers to consider price, capacity, and life cycle of the battery before finalizing the deal. Premier ensures the most effective and efficient stored energy solutions for all sectors.

Contact us to inform us about your requirement and get expert’s suggestion about the availability of dry batteries in Pakistan.