Solar Charge Controller in Pakistan

Solar Charge Controller & Solar Charge Circuit

A charge controller is an important part of the solar system that is responsible for regulating the solar batteries and preventing them from overloading. Premier Energy is the one reliable and well-known supplier of solar charge controller in Pakistan and we import solar charge controllers which give satisfactory performance under real-world climatic conditions. Unlike many other countries, the sunlight is much intense in Pakistan and the ever rising summer temperature emphasizes the need of solar charge controller to ensure the optimal performance of the solar system.


Solar Charge Controllers Offered by premier Energy

International solar manufacturing companies categorize solar charge controllers into three types and Premier Energyhas included all the types in its inventory, aiming to provide quality products praised all over the world. The high-performance charge controllers are extremely efficient in the work and precisely complete all three-stage charge cycle, i.e. bulk, absorption, and float.

2 Stage Controls: Though, it’s known as a conventional type of controllers and a deficiency has been observed in their sale. The large size is the main reason of the low demand, but the low price of these controllers makes it suitable for Pakistani customers who can’t afford expensive controllers. The charging of the barriers is controlled by the shunt transistors while the overall cost of the system lowers down due to the inclusion of 2 stage controls.

PWM Solar Charge Controller:  Premier Energy imports latest PWM (Pulse width Modulation) solar charge controllerswhich automatically control the charging according to the battery conditions. It’s very competent in controlling high-frequency electric pulses while it’s ideal for 12V batteries. The controller turns off the switch when the charging level exceeds a certain limit.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller: Maximum Power Point (MPPT) is an improved form of PWM and its capability of capturing the power from the solar panel is remarkably high. The secret of performance lies behind the fact that it converts module operation voltage into battery voltage.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Solar Charge Controller  

The purpose of manufacturing different products is to accomplish the needs of different users. Apart from the specifications, following are some factors which affect the selection of the solar charge controller.

  • Temperature
  • Array to load ratio
  • Type of solar module
  • Cost

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