Solar Panels in Pakistan

Solar Panels in Pakistan

Solar panel is an integral part of solar system. The power of solar system absolutely depends on the solar panel as it collects sunlight and converts it into other forms of energy. Premier Energy provides solar panels in different sizes to fulfill the requirements of large and small projects. Our systems are efficient in working, capable of solving the energy crisis with solar panels in Pakistan, and beneficial for the users in many ways. Premier Energy aims to provide alternative sources of electricity which produce low-cost electricity and people don’t have to pay heavy bills. Solar System is the best solution of all the above-mentioned problems and the most effective renewable energy source that doesn’t damage the environment as well.

Solar Panels in Panels in Pakistan

Premier Energy stepped forward to give a relief to Pakistani nation and introduced high-quality solar panels in Pakistan.Monocrystalline solar panel and polycrystalline solar panel are the two types of solar panels offered by the Premier Energy. The both types are known as the most compatible types for solar system and gave high-performance during testing. Premier Energy imports solar panels from Canadian Solar Panels and Suntech Solar Panels to ensure the finest user-experience.

Solar Panels in Pakistan

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Monocrystalline solar panels are made of single Silicon cell. The four sides of silicon ingots are cut out to optimize its performance and give them a wafers shape. Even color and uniform look are the distinguishing characteristics of the monocrystalline solar panel. Premier Energy offers Suntech 4 Busbar series-265 watt and following are its benefits:

  • Highest efficiency rate.
  • High Potential Induced Degradation.
  • High Output reliability and 5% positive tolerance.
  • Endure 3800 Pascal wind Pressure and 5400 Pascal snow pressure.
  • How cracks and hotspot risks.
  • Special 4Busbar design and require least space of placement.
Solar Panels in Pakistan

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Polysilicon is used in the manufacture of polycrystalline solar panel. Raw silicon is melted and poured into solar squares. Afterward, it’s cooled down and cut down to give a wafer shape. Perfectly rectangular shape and no round edges in the wafers are the prominent features of the polycrystalline solar panel. Premier Energy includes 250 watt-Canadian 4 Busbar Series, 255 watt-SunTech 4 Busbar Series, and 140/100 watt- Trina PV series in its inventory due to the following benefits:

  • Simple manufacturing process and low waste of silicon.
  • Low heat tolerance makes it suitable for moderate temperatures.
  • Reduced cell series resistance.
  • High reliability and efficiency.
  • High performance under low conditions.
  • Bear high snow and wind pressure
Solar Panels in Pakistan

Premier Energy is the only reliable source of solar panels in Pakistan and we are trying to utilize renewable energy resources in the best possible means. The types and features of the products are mentioned to help the customers in evaluating their needs and selecting the most customized product for them. Space, cost, weather conditions are some essential factors to consider as they impact on the user as well as on the success rate of the deal.

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