Solar TubeWell and Solar Water Pumps in Pakistan


Pakistan is famous for its agricultural production worldwide. After consulting the international community specialists, Premier Energy have developed world’s most precise, cost effective and energy efficient solar water tube wells in Pakistan exactly according to the requirements of our Land.

The economy of Pakistan is dependent on agriculture and 70% population is living in rural areas. The hard working farmers work day and night, invest in crops, and get loans in the hope of getting adequate profit. Unfortunately, the scary energy crisis has left a deep impact on agriculture as well. The farmers can’t run tube wells due to the lack of electricity and high prices of diesel. Installing a traditional generator means spending all money on diesel or petrol without earning a single penny. At this time of disappointment, Premier Energy emerged as a hope for Pakistani farmers who were making efforts of making their both ends meet and got frustrated due to the critical conditions.

Solar Water Tube Wells in Pakistan

While 12 to 15 percent of electricity here is used for agricultural needs especially for running tube wells, Electricity costs can be completely ‘ eliminated with the use of premier energy’s solar water tube wells in Pakistan. Premier Energy has partnered with Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited for the, provision of Easy Financing for Premier’s Agricultural solutions.

Solar Water Pumps in Pakistan

Premier Energy introduced solar tube wells in Pakistan. It’s the best and most effective alternative to traditional pumps. The farmers have taken a sigh of relief as the price, installation, and monthly cost of these solar tube wells are very low while you don’t have to pay any electricity bill. Indeed it’s a great opportunity for farmers to save the cost of their electricity bills and spend it on other useful purposes. The solar tube wells in Pakistan are equally beneficial for drip irrigation, watering the fields, and livestock.

Solar Tubewell in Pakistan

Perks of Premier Solar Tube Wells

The motto of Premier Energy is to provide relief and help the farmers in improving their livelihood and increasing the export of Pakistan. Despite the low economy of the farmers, the prices are set in such a manner that everyone can afford our solar tube wells in Pakistan and can revive the greenery of their fields. Our solar systems are very compatible with the irrigation system of Pakistan and have various benefits.

  • Converting the existing pump into solar system
  • Reasonable price and within the budget limit of everyone
  • Easy to install and less dependency on grid electricity
  • No electricity bills and no worries of fluctuating fuel prices
  • Easy to use, high reliability, and guaranteed tube wells

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