Suntech Solar Panels in Pakistan

Premier Energy aims to provide high-quality solar product in Pakistan in order to eliminate energy crises in true meanings. To maintain the high standards of products Premier Energy has made a partnership with prestigious solar manufacturing companies including SunTech. SunTech is a big name in solar industry and internationally praised by its customers due to reliable, premium, and cost-effective products. Premier Energy made partnership with SunTech solar panels as both have the same goals, i.e. utilizing natural resources to overcome the energy crisis.

Suntech Solar Panels

Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline are the two main categories of solar panels offered by the SunTech Solar Panels. All products offer impressive price-to-performance ratio and equally beneficial for domestic and industrial sectors.


The silicon based-solar technology lets you root out energy crisis by providing the continuous supply of electricity. Polycrystalline answers to the needs of Pakistani industrialists who are facing the terrible outcomes of immature energy planning and their industries are about to close just because of load shedding.


These cells are made of pure single crystal-Si which gives it a uniform look. The highest quality of silicon produces up to four times more energy than a thin-film solar panel. Comprehending the importance and need of Monocrystalline technology, Premier Energy imported different types of Monocrystalline solar panels from SunTech Solar Panels to benefit its customers.

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